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Malax Loaf

High in fiber, lactose-free and milk-free Malax Loaf is baked into a starter rye dough without preservatives and additives. The tradional method of manufacturing guarantees Malax Loaf its taste and excellent shelf life. Malax Loaf can be used in cooking in many ways and suits both starters and main dishes, as well as desserts. Malax Loaf can be found as whole loaves and sliced in bags from 325 to 660 grams. Malax Loaf is part of the Malax® brand and products.

Malax Loaf
Sliced 325 G

Malax Loaf
Whole 430 G

Malax Loaf
Sliced 650 G

Malax Loaf
Whole 660 G


Whole grain rye flour
Wheat flour
Iodised salt (1.2%)
Does not contain milk or lactose

Nutritional Information (100 g)
  • Energy 1120 kJ (270 kcal)
  • Protein 8,1 g
  • Carbohydrates 53,5 g
  • - of which sugars 12,6 g
  • Fat 1,8 g
  • - of which saturated fatty acids 0,2 g
  • Fibre 6,4 g
  • Salt 1,2 g